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Best First Person Shooting Games Ever !

Here are The Best FPS Game Ever Made According To Us :

Duck Hunter (1984) :

Might not be classified as Modern FPS Games, The Duck Hunt was a game that nearly everybody played. The Storyline is pretty Simple : Shoot ducks with the Nintendo IR light gun to earn points, if you don't shoot enough ducks, you don't pass the level.

Doom (1993) :

Tough the graphics sucks, The Doom planted the foundation of First Person Shooter. The game was exclusively made for MS-DOS, There is no storyline or attractive graphics, but it offered players endless enemies to bang. The first poster-child for video game violence and was also the best shooter made at its time of release.

Half Life (1998) :

The game who made FPS popular, Half Life is undoubtedly one of the best FPS game ever made.So what make this game amazing : The Action Movie Factor, every turn player makes, It feels like they are writing their own script for an Action Movie. It made us feel like a part of a world they could affect in immediate ways. It might not sound amazing to you, But if you were a 90's kid and a serious gamer, This game was fun to play !

Quake (1996) :

The successor of Doom Series, Quake is no doubt one of the building block of FPS Empire, It was the first "Real 3D Engine" and "First Game With Dedicated Server" based FPS, And the gameplay was amazing. You could do a rocket jumps, Bunny Hop etc. If some Modern Version of this Game Comes Out, It would sell faster than any game compared in the history ! This Game Is So Epic, We have to create a list of its achievements :

  • First Real 3D Engine Based Game
  • First Game With Dedicated Server
  • Best Hardcore Lovers Community Of that time.
  • First game with "console" and own programming speech (quake c) to modified the game.
  • Last game with the complete "master of fps developer" : John Carmack, Michael Abrash, John Cash, American McGee, Sandy Petersen, John Romero, Tim Willits,. Adrian Carmack, Kevin Cloud etc. These guys were the Ancient Civilization Of FPS World, They Created what we play Today. Respect!

Halo - Combat Evolved (2001) :  

Ah ! Master Chief, Probably the most loved Character in FPS Games ever. Tough this game was available on PC, It established the Xbox’s brand name and established Microsoft as a player in console wars. After 12 Years, This game is still available for Xbox 360 and played throughout the world.

Counter Strike Source (2004) :

Counter Strike Source, The sequel to the Original Counter Strike, Is no doubt one of the best selling FPS in the history of gaming, Also it is the second most popular game in Asia, After Need For Speed : Most Wanted. We all love the Gameplay, Maps (specially Dust_2 ), Shooting, Recoils And Everything. The Counter Strike Source is based on Half Life Engine, And is addicting as hell ! You can find thousands of Player in Multi-Player Mode till today ! (look out for "Baba Bhosdi Wale" Its Me ! )

Unreal Tournament (2004) :

The game that inserted Extra-terrestrial life form into FPS, Unreal Tournament is no doubt one of the most remarkable FPS in history.  One of the best FAST PACED FPS Games Ever,Whether playing singleplayer or Multiplyer.. the experience is awesome, the graphics are pretty good And the best thing was, It could run On my Shitty Low Powered Computer ! AWESOME !!!

BioShock (2007) :

The BioShock or known as 2K Boston at that time, Deserves a number in our list ,No other FPS has put as much thought into the mechanics, the story, or the atmosphere as much as BioShock has. It is the perfect mixture of FPS and RPG game, And the graphics are pretty good too !

Team Fortress 2 (2007) :

Welcome to Team Fortress 2, where psychopaths fight each other with shotguns, rocket launchers, pistols, baseball bats, surgical equipment, laser guns, and wear fancy hats (LOL). The game included Nine mercenaries. Two teams. Guns. And hats. The game is no doubt one of the best FPS Game ever.

Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 (2009) :

Tough this game got some bad reviews from the media because you could gun down and kill innocent peoples, But This is no doubt one of the Most epic First Person Shooter Game Ever Made. We really loved that Bang-Up-Everybody storyline, And game-play was truly amazing. The multi-player scenario was Icing for the gamers, They could test their skills with other gamers and It is also played widely till today !

Far Cry 3 (2012) :

Released in the past year, This game was almost played by everyone. Tough it didn't have as much as shooting like CoD : MW2, But we all loved the open environment scenario. Far Cry 3 mixes RPG progression and shooter mechanics with thinking. It is the game that will remain in the Top 10 list for many years.

So How was this list ? Did We forgot an game, Please Leave it in the comment section below and we will add it to our list.

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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Call Of Duty : Ghosts. Review, Graphics, Gameplay And Everything !

Developed by Infinity Ward  and published by Activision, Call of Duty Ghosts is the new multiplayer FPS Game in the Call Of Duty Series. Previous COD Games Include Black Ops 2 And Modern Warfare. So lets See whats the fuzz  About this Game :

Bad Done "Publicity Job"  :

At E3, we got a brief glimpse of Call of Duty: Ghosts' single-player campaign, And the company also didn't publicize this game as much as they did to Modern Warfare and Black Ops 2, That resulted in Being this version getting not that much popularity. But now Activision is preparing to reveal the game's much-anticipated multiplayer suite. On August 14th, the company will be broadcasting live from a special event in Los Angeles. The hour-long livestream will "go in-depth on all things multiplayer" and include multiple "world premiere announcements."

Game Play And Story Line :

The COD: Ghosts is Set 10 years after the collapse of the USA as a superpower, Ten years after the event, an unknown enemy rises as a threat, but the remnants of US special operation forces from every branch come together to create an elite group of troops known as the "Ghosts", who are determined to get rid of all threats to protect the weak and the remains of America.
The rest is same as it was in older versions, You kill bad guys, Gain rank Bla Bla, We Think Infinity Ward should step up their game !

Graphics :

The Call Of Duty Ghosts was widely publicized as having Next-Gen Graphics and Very responsive Texture, But the Developer managed to do a average job on it.  The only remotely new feature they've added is their Sub-D thingy. Everything else has been around for almost half a decade. Battlefield Takes edge in having new graphics but COD Ghost has a nice and interactive environment.
What do you think, Battlefield Or COD ? 

Minimum Requirements :                             

Processor : Core 2 Duo E4700 2.6GHz or Athlon II X2 215

Graphics Card : GeForce GT 630 or Radeon HD 5570 512MB


DirectX : 11 Needed

Minimum HDD Space : 15 GB

Release Date, Pricing And Availability :

Call Of Duty Ghosts Is supposed to come out at November 5, 2013 For PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The Cost is 40-60 Euro. You can preorder it right now so that you get it as soon as it is released !
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