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Call Of Duty : Ghosts. Review, Graphics, Gameplay And Everything !

Developed by Infinity Ward  and published by Activision, Call of Duty Ghosts is the new multiplayer FPS Game in the Call Of Duty Series. Previous COD Games Include Black Ops 2 And Modern Warfare. So lets See whats the fuzz  About this Game :

Bad Done "Publicity Job"  :

At E3, we got a brief glimpse of Call of Duty: Ghosts' single-player campaign, And the company also didn't publicize this game as much as they did to Modern Warfare and Black Ops 2, That resulted in Being this version getting not that much popularity. But now Activision is preparing to reveal the game's much-anticipated multiplayer suite. On August 14th, the company will be broadcasting live from a special event in Los Angeles. The hour-long livestream will "go in-depth on all things multiplayer" and include multiple "world premiere announcements."

Game Play And Story Line :

The COD: Ghosts is Set 10 years after the collapse of the USA as a superpower, Ten years after the event, an unknown enemy rises as a threat, but the remnants of US special operation forces from every branch come together to create an elite group of troops known as the "Ghosts", who are determined to get rid of all threats to protect the weak and the remains of America.
The rest is same as it was in older versions, You kill bad guys, Gain rank Bla Bla, We Think Infinity Ward should step up their game !

Graphics :

The Call Of Duty Ghosts was widely publicized as having Next-Gen Graphics and Very responsive Texture, But the Developer managed to do a average job on it.  The only remotely new feature they've added is their Sub-D thingy. Everything else has been around for almost half a decade. Battlefield Takes edge in having new graphics but COD Ghost has a nice and interactive environment.
What do you think, Battlefield Or COD ? 

Minimum Requirements :                             

Processor : Core 2 Duo E4700 2.6GHz or Athlon II X2 215

Graphics Card : GeForce GT 630 or Radeon HD 5570 512MB


DirectX : 11 Needed

Minimum HDD Space : 15 GB

Release Date, Pricing And Availability :

Call Of Duty Ghosts Is supposed to come out at November 5, 2013 For PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The Cost is 40-60 Euro. You can preorder it right now so that you get it as soon as it is released !


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