Monday, 29 July 2013

Need For Speed : Rivals Coming To Xbox, PS3 And PC.

Need For Speed : Rivals Announced !

Electronic Arts Have announced their new part in the popular racing franchise Need For Speed, Naming it Rivals, It will hit Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 And PC's on November 19.

The Company has also announced Need For Speed : Rivals To be released on the new consoles : Xbox One And PlayStation 4 - sometime in the end of this year.
Although EA is being silent on the release of Rivals on Wii U.

Game Play :

Much Like the previous NFS games, This game will feature an open world scenario and will have challenges and collectibles ( like money, NOS boost, ETC). The Need For Speed : Rivals is being focused as a sequel to NFS : Most Wanted, And has oriented the game on "Cops Vs Racers" Storyline.
This version of Need For Speed is developed in EA's new studios, Ghost Gamers. Let's see if it make's an impact on NFS Graphics or gameplay.

Need For Speed Rivals Gameplay !

The players will be able to play as Cops and Racers, And the more you destroy other team, the better rank you game. Online Play is much better and the players can choose any of the side. As you gain higher rank, you will be able to unlock new Cars and customization.

Cars In NFS : Rivals :

 Some confirmed cars include the Koenigsegg Agrea R and Lexus LFA for the police, as well as a police Nissan GT-R Black Edition for the guys who pre-order it. Also, the Aston Martin Vanquish, as said, is available for both the cops and racers, and the One-77 returns after an absence from the 2012 edition of Need for Speed: Most Wanted as a police cruiser

Need For Speed Rivals : System Requirements :

Processor : Core 2 Duo E6550 2.33GHz Or Up.
RAM : 2 GB Or Up.
Operating System : Windows Xp Or Up.
Direct X : Direct X 9 Support.
Hard Drive Space : 6 GB + More For Saved Game.
Graphics Card : At least GeForce 7800 GT or Radeon X1800 Series 256MB.

A Game Play Trailer :

Release Date and Last Verdict :

Releasing On November 19, 2013, Need For Speed : Rivals perfectly captures the adrenaline and intensity of the street's ultimate rivalry between cops and racers in a stunning open road environment. It is based on Need For Speed : Most Wanted and it is one of the best selling game of the series. If the actual gameplay looks like the trailer, This Game would set new records for Need For Speed Franchise !


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